When our friends at Kathmandu decided to create a splash with an April Fools’ prank, we couldn’t wait to help. The gag was the launch of the world’s first All Weather Wedding Dress – an incredible & genuine piece of engineering in high tech Gore-tex fabric by fashion designer Tanya Carlson. The challenge was to create an authentic story that would hold the viewer’s attention before any seed of doubt crept in. So we put on our creative hats and set about weaving a visual story around this Gore-tex gown.

The result – a superb April Fools’ gag which travelled around the world generating over 270k organic views, thousands of comments, hundreds of shares plus the admiration of TV news in Australia and Outside magazine’s roundup of “Best April Fools Launches”. Not content with that, Kathmandu went on to auction the one-of-a-kind dress on Trade Me and managed to raise over $4000 for the Himalayan Trust. Hat tip to Kathmandu for the superb ideation on an innovative, low-cost PR project with outstanding results – we are stoked to be a part of it.